Wearable tech.

New photochromic inks react to ultraviolet rays from the sun. Outdoors, your t-shirt is decorated with a bright colorful design, indoors, it fades back to subtlety. New York research studio The Crated teamed up with Print All Over Me to create a collec...

Wedding plans?

Here’s Violet Weddings, a new website that helps you build a theme that’s right for you, your schedule and your budget. Beautiful, wonderful weddings don’t always just fall together, although we’ve heard some amazing stories. You may have lots of time now, but the closer to the ceremony, there will be an infinite barrage of details. Don’t forget your best friends in the cleaning business. We make sure everything fits perfectly, looks perfect and is ready for archival storage after the celebration.

Hanging out.

If you’re lucky enough to enjoy an outdoor clothesline, there are a few tricks to drying laundry outdoors. Shake damp laundry to smooth out wrinkles before hanging. Dry shirts on hangers for crease-free results, ready for touchup ironing. Hang pants by the bottom hem. That’s the way to hang t-shirts and polos, too. Hang “departments” of like items to make sorting and folding go faster. Splurge on good wooden clothespins and don’t forget to wipe down the clothesline when it gets grimy.

Stowing away winter leathers.

Everything made of leather needs maintenance, especially if it’s been exposed to winter weather conditions. Shoes and boots should be wiped with a damp cloth, especially if salt-stained. Inspect jackets and coats for damage, tears or stains before hanging on a well-padded hanger for storage. Use leather conditioner on dry spots like elbows and seams. Frequently worn items should be professionally cleaned every year to maintain the leather, preserve the color and prevent permanent staining.

Sustain your investment.

The added wearability you get from professional cleaning is actually a benefit to the environment. Every extra use you get from a garment reduces your need to buy a new one, and keeps it out of the rag heap or landfill. Our gentle cleaning and laundry ...

Silk scarves

are always in style, and proper care will add years of life and wear. There’s nothing as luxurious as silk, or as delicate to clean. You can hand wash and press at home, but the experts recommend dry cleaning to avoid color loss, fabric damage or dye transfer, especially for crinkled (plissé) or brocades. To get the most from your investment, avoid bright sunlight – it will fade your scarf. Keep your makeup and perfume on your skin, not on your scarf. Always allow a scarf recovery time between wearings.

Greener and cleaner.

Spring’s a great time to change habits for a cleaner, healthier environment. Start by cutting down on water waste with shorter showers, full loads of laundry and dishes, filtered water instead of bottled. Repair and recycle appliances, furniture and clothing. Instead of tossing (eventually into a landfill) repair worn heels, replace zippers or restitch a sagging hem. We do more than clean – we can help keeping your wardrobe repaired, fitted and functional. And please, bring your wire hangers back for recycling.

Thrifting, part 2

Know your brands and remember that big names like Givenchy license their name for low quality mass-market garments. Avoid synthetics in vintage clothing and just skip anything made in the third world. With few exceptions, there’s no reason to buy used clothing that was made to be low cost. Speaking of cost, use your smartphone to check prices on eBay before you invest. And double-check tricky labels, there’s a world of difference between Brioni and Baroni. Happy hunting!

How to thrift, part 1

Know your fit and know what can be successfully altered. Carpe item. In other words, grab it when you find it. Time your visits to take advantage of thrift store stocking schedules. Look for damage. Hold it up to natural light and check for spots, hole...

“A well-tied tie…

is the first serious step in life,” said poet Oscar Wilde, famous for “Living well is the best revenge.” Before your well-tied knot has a chance to help, be sure your tie is spotless. It’s another universal truth that the more expensive the tie, the more prone it is to stains from soup, café au lait, or wine. Our stain experts know how to gently restore your neckware to like-new condition.