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Après swim.

Beach wear care. Three easy tricks to get more swim from your suit. Before you jump in the sea, or the pool, take a shower and saturate your suit in fresh water. Pool and seawater can deteriorate stretchy fabrics and fade colors. Keep your creams and s...

Cushion rescue.

Grimy patio or porch cushions? We may be able to help. Depending on the size, material and condition, our dry- and wet-cleaning experts can add another season’s use to your outdoor upholstery pillows, pads and cushions. Give us a call — we’ll do our best to remove the evidence of summers past.

Classic cotton.

Summer wouldn’t be nearly as comfortable without classic cotton. Breathable, long-lasting and easy to clean, cotton’s a staple for every wardrobe, from workwear to sportswear, casual to classy. Yes, cotton will wrinkle (we all do, after a few years) but a few laundry tricks can help. Try air drying cottons to avoid shrinkage and fading from hot dryers. Mist lightly with water before ironing for a crisp finish. Or let us delight you with dry cleaned or laundered cotton garments. We make chinos, golf shirts and jeans look crisp and fresh.

Bridal planning, 101.

Book early – caterers, venues, florists and popular bands and DJs are first-come, first-booked. Visit a bridal fair for ideas, connections and free advice from wedding professionals. Is this a good time to mention we are very, very experienced with wedding gowns, alterations, formal wear and the inevitable last minute emergency. You can count on us for more than archival gown preservation after the event. Let’s get your date on our calendar so we can be part of your wedding plan.

Chino season.

Warm weather means chinos for most guys, dressed up with a white cotton shirt, dressed down with t-shirt or polo. Chinos come in colors way beyond khaki; we’re seeing classic blue, green, grey, brown and black. For a crisp tailored look, let us clean and press all your cotton trousers and shorts. For home care, wash chinos inside out in warm water without bleach. If the seams wrinkle, touch up with a steam iron. Then hang on a trouser hanger, ready for wear.

Collars and cuffs.

Time to take your business wear out of the closet for a bright-light inspection for signs of wear on collars, cuffs and pockets. Take a good look at the elbows, too. Shirts, sweaters and jackets take a beating at the elbow, even if you’re not a professional arm wrestler. Mark trouble spots with masking tape and bring everything to us — we can patch, mend and reinforce, remove stubborn stains and get your business clothes ready to make an even better impression.

Welcome summer.

Treat yourself to fresh laundered and pressed summer wear. We finish knits like polo shirts and cotton sweaters to perfection. We add crisp and clean to every wardrobe. Have an accident? Most summer stains are no match for our professional-strength laundry products and machinery, especially on whites. Here’s to warm weather and summer fun.

Sustain your investment.

The added wearability you get from professional cleaning is actually a benefit to the environment. Every extra use you get from a garment reduces your need to buy a new one, and keeps it out of the rag heap or landfill. Our gentle cleaning and laundry ...

Workout wear.

Gym clothes made with high-performance fabrics require special treatment. Never let damp workout wear sit in your gym bag. Hang it to dry or, better yet, throw it in the washer pronto. Wash with cold water (always follow care tag instructions) with uns...