Salt and slush.

For some of the lucky ones, that might be a margarita order.  For the rest of us, winter isn’t so kind. If you slogged through winter snowbanks or slushy curbs your cuffs, coats and hems picked up more than frosty dew. Urban winter brings a special mix of grime, salt, road dirt and grit that can soak in and leave a mess. We have years of experience removing the soils of winter on everything from cashmere to cotton and know how to remove the salt, the splash and the stain.

When is dry-cleaning the best choice?

When to throw it in the washer and when to give it to us? Convenience and quality aside, there are situations when dry cleaning simply is the best choice: Acetate, rayon or silk, leather or fur garments or trim, tricky to iron, structured or tailored with interfacing, specially finished, stiffened garments. The number one reason to trust it to us – your garment is expensive, fragile or special. We do it all, from dungarees to designer.

Lose years and pounds with new secret cleaning process!

Don’t we all wish it wasn’t just April Fool’s! There’s nothing magical we can do to make you skinnier. We can do a lot to make sure you look your best in clothing that’s spotless and crisp. Our tailors alter and adjust fit and our finishers, crease, press and steam to bring fabrics to like-new condition. We’re not fooling when we say we help you look your best. No secrets, no tricks. Just the magic of everyday hard work, cheerful service and years of experience.

Spring cleaning the bedrooms.

The next sunny day’s a good time to strip off winter bedding and clean pillows, comforters/duvets, quilts and blankets. Our commercial-size machines treat your fine bedding gently and we press and finish to perfection with professional equipment. Now’s a perfect time to clean everything before storing winter heavyweights.

Getting the most from your cleaner.

Our expert service starts when we tag and inspect your laundry – we look for stains, tears, broken buttons, snagged zippers. You can help by telling us (or marking with masking tape) trouble spots and stains. Our stain removal expertise is always enhanced when we know what caused the problem so we can use the correct pretreatment. And remember, stains only get worse with time so make sure we get to work on it as soon as possible.

Silky secrets.

Protect your investment in top-quality silk, from lingerie to neckwear, this luxury favorite can be ruined easily. Simply rubbing a spot or stain can remove color, friction from a dry napkin will dull the fabric’s luster. Wiping with water or club soda add more damage like color bleed and fiber abrasion. So when gravy spots your power tie or champagne bubbles on to the crêpe de Chine, stay calm and blot with a clean white cloth. And we’ll do the rest

Spring cleaning early?

Start with the closets. Review your collection of winter wear and donate everything you didn’t use this year. Now inspect the keepers for damage, stains and wear. Mark problem areas with masking tape and we’ll repair, clean and press everything before it goes into storage for the season. Ask about seasonal storage and non-plastic packaging.


what to do with bulky winter blankets until next winter? Bring them to us – professional cleaning of down, wool, and silk household items will help them last for years, and the breathable bags we return them in are perfect for easy closet or attic storage.

Miracle microfiber.

If you haven’t upgraded to a microfiber dust cloth, you’re working too hard. The intricate weave of thin polyster and nylon fibers creates millions of edges to trap dust and grime held in place by static. We use microfiber cloths to clean everything from eyeglasses to dashboards, for wet and dry cleaning.

Skip ahead.

Spring forward this Sunday. You’ll lose an hour to Daylight Savings but you can make up for it with our time-saving cleaning and laundry services. Whether we pick up and deliver or serve you from our counter, let us take care of your all your household linens and garment cleaning and ironing. You’ll always look your best.