Shirts & Laundry

Professional laundry and finishing services Cathy’s Cleaners uses Sanitone’s exclusive Platinum® Shirt & Laundry Process, which guarantees the whitest-whites and brightest colors with clean, crisp collars and cuffs to make you look professional all day long. The Sanitone Platinum Process is specifically formulated to work at lower water temperatures through the use of 14 high-tech enzymes, eliminating the need for harsh bleaches and abrasive alkalis that attack clothing fibers. This exclusive, patented process reduces the potential for shrinkage, graying and even fraying, primarily because enzymes, by nature, only digest specific stains, not fibers! Our professional shirt laundering gives you whiter whites, bolder colors. Loose buttons are reattached or replaced as a routine part of our service. We guarantee your satisfaction on our Platinum Shirt Service, because our reputation depends on every shirt we do, folded or hanger, starch or none. What to expect Patented enzyme-based cleaning process Dazzling whites and colors that sparkle Lower water temperatures without harsh bleaches None of the shrinking or fraying seen with other processes Contact us about this service  

Enviro Clean Experts

At last, truly green cleaning with Enviro Clean Cathy’s Cleaners is proud to offer Enviro Clean to keep your clothes looking new and feeling soft. This amazing process cleans without harsh chemicals or solvents while protecting the environment and your clothes. We’re delighted to introduce truly green cleaning with Enviro Clean to Central Oregon. Instead of traditional dry cleaning with chemical solvents, Enviro Clean uses water-based biodegradable detergents and conditioners. Safer for the earth than home laundry products, it’s called ‘an example of environmentally preferable technology for cleaning garments’ by the EPA. As gentle as hand washing, Enviro Clean is safe for all fabrics, even those marked Dry Clean Only. Our cleaning technicians are trained to use specialized equipment to safely clean garments without shrinkage, sizing loss, color loss, or loss of finish. Now your garments can be spotlessly fresh, without hazardous waste, air pollution or chemical odor. Ask for Enviro Clean on your next order – you’ll be delighted with fresh, clean and soft clothing, every time. Read more about our commitment to the environment Contact us about this service  

Dry Cleaning Experts

“Dry Clean Only” Designer and fashionable clothing bare this care label which describes fabrics that may shrink, change colors or lose their shape if washed in water. In order to care for these garments the best way possible, we use our state of the art dry cleaning machines. Have you ever wondered what exactly dry cleaning is? Well, dry cleaning is a cleaning process for clothing and textiles using a chemical solvent rather than water. As a Sanitone Certified Master Drycleaner, Cathy’s Cleaners’ professionals are experienced in caring for each one of your “Dry Clean Only” garments. Find out about our Enviro Clean option Contact us about this service

Holiday travel plans?

Traveling for the holidays? Make your trip easier by packing smarter. Choose a travel wardrobe that will do double or triple duty for extended wear. Use the plastic wrap from your cleaning to separate items and prevent wrinkling. Stuff shoes with stockings and underwear. Pack complete children’s outfits, complete with socks and underwear, in zip plastic bags. Have safe, easy travels and a great holiday.

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Holiday stain relief.

Candle wax, pumpkin pie, pine resin, turkey fat, red wine and lipstick stains (caused by mistletoe) are just a few of the risks of entertaining. Our stain experts know how to treat even the worst, using techniques and specialized products not availabl...

Give the gift of crisp, clean and professional.

That’s what you’re giving with a gift certificate from us. Your grateful recipient will enjoy expert dry cleaning and laundry with your compliments. We’ll create a certificate in any denomination, from stocking stuffer to magnificent. It’s a gift that’s always welcome, especially for starting a career or keeping a busy family looking their best.

Tooth whitening alert.

Today’s products for whiter, brighter smiles go way beyond old-fashioned baking soda. At-home treatments deliver serious bleaching power – so if you’re whitening at home, be sure to do it when you’re not wearing good clothes. Even a tiny splatter can leave a permanent bleached spot on your blouse, shirt, sweater or jacket.

Scarf dos and don’ts.

Definitely do add fashionable scarves to your look this winter. Gently untie, smooth and hang folded gently so the wrinkles can naturally relax. Never iron a scarf after wear – the heat can darken and set invisible soils and skin oils. Do wear a scarf with fur, leather and suede to prevent collar soiling from skin oils or makeup. When your scarf needs freshening, ask for hand finishing to preserve the hand rolled hem or fragile fringe.

Sweater shape shifting.

Favorite sweater stretched? Of course, only your most loved knitwear would lose its perfect fit. Let us know and we can block it the right size and shape when we clean it. We’ll even keep measurements on file for special garments – remember, we’re customer service specialists. May we serve your sweater’s special needs?