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At last, truly green cleaning with Enviro Clean

Cathy’s Cleaners is proud to offer Enviro Clean to keep your clothes looking new and feeling soft. This amazing process cleans without harsh chemicals or solvents while protecting the environment and your clothes.

We’re delighted to introduce truly green cleaning with Enviro Clean to Central Oregon.

ecInstead of traditional dry cleaning with chemical solvents, Enviro Clean uses water-based biodegradable detergents and conditioners. Safer for the earth than home laundry products, it’s called ‘an example of environmentally preferable technology for cleaning garments’ by the EPA.

4160440_illustrationAs gentle as hand washing, Enviro Clean is safe for all fabrics, even those marked Dry Clean Only. Our cleaning technicians are trained to use specialized equipment to safely clean garments without shrinkage, sizing loss, color loss, or loss of finish.

Now your garments can be spotlessly fresh, without hazardous waste, air pollution or chemical odor. Ask for Enviro Clean on your next order – you’ll be delighted with fresh, clean and soft clothing, every time.

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