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Timeless style, part 2.

Timeless style, part 2. Balance your top to bottom. If you’re wearing a baggy top, balance with a fitted bottom. In the 60’s Audrey Hepburn looked great in a trapeze-style top with slim capri pants. Transform any outfit with a statement scarf or necklace, even a boring t-shirt is transformed with the right scarf. Splurge on two great bags: a large framed bag to carry everything and a smaller cross-body bag won’t get left behind like a clutch. Above all, when in doubt wear black. It’s slimming, sexy and never goes out of style.

Timeless style tips, part 1.

Traditional rules change over time, but the fashion basics always hold true. fashion blogger Lesley Kennedy outlines how to look taller, leaner and more stylish, starting with good tailoring. When your clothes fit properly, your best attributes are accentuated. (Our inhouse alterations department can do wonders.) Don’t obsess about the size — designers each have their own sample sizes—wear what fits, no matter what the tag says. Invest in quality undergarments to provide a good base to make clothes fall better.

Scratch and sniff jeans.

While we’re always in favor of good-smelling clothes, the Portuguese designers at Salsa are selling slim-leg jeans with the scent of blueberry, strawberry, orange or lemon to match their ombré pastel colors. The jeans are embedded with fragrance microcapsules (just like magazine perfume ads) that last up to twenty washes. The skinny jeans are about $60 a pair, plus shipping from Europe. What’s next? Cocktail dresses that smell like martinis?

Extreme distress.

Japanese denim brand Zoo is featuring jeans that have been distressed by actual lions, tigers and bears. They wrap creature’s toys in denim, then let nature take its course. The ripped, torn and shredded denim is then turned into some very exclusive, very expensive jeans. You can watch their video at

Casual Friday tips for men.

Depending where you work, the rules for “casual” can range from a sportscoat to outright scruffy. Style blog Fashion Beans offers some wise advice. 1. Avoid TMI. Save tight, deep cut or transparent for evenings. 2. Avoid logos, printed T’s, or fashion statements. A discrete polo pony or alligator are fine. 3. Ask. Collars required? Jeans or chinos? Sneakers or loafer? 4. Stretch the rules, don’t break them.  And don’t be a suit and tie Grinch when everyone else is relaxing into casual. Read the whole illustrated article at

Style tips just for Leos.

Choose dramatic hues like red, gold or black. Your fashion sensibility is informed by your taste for luxury and your need to be the center of attention. To get both, look for bold looks and, if your wallet can stand it, designer labels like Tom Ford. S...

Summer wedding tips for women.

The first rule: keep the spotlight on the bride by avoiding white, cream or pale pastels. Prints with light backgrounds are fine, as long as they don’t read as “white” from a distance. If the ceremony is in a house of worship, cover your shoulders with a sleeved dress or jacket. If the wedding’s outdoors, skip the heels and wear comfortable flats that won’t sink into the lawn. A fancier evening reception demands a cocktail dress or your standby little black dress. Beachside festivities are casual, time for a graphic sundress with a cardigan or short denim jacket for after dark. And don’t forget the sunscreen.

Summer wedding tips for men.

The women have it easy in a simple non-white dress. But in summer, the men’s traditional dark suit can be a little warm, somber and predictable. For a city wedding, choose a light weight suit in gray, blue or a subtle pattern. Style it up with a sky blue, pink, mint green or lavender long-sleeved Oxford or poplin shirt. In the country, blazers and sport coats reign, paired with well-cut chinos. Seaside or resort? A tailored white shirt, colored chinos and a light-colored linen blazer. Keep everything understated

Polo shirts, a brief history.

This casual classic is seen everywhere, especially in warm weather. Originated by French tennis champion René Lacoste and introduced at the 1926 U.S. Open, the shirt quickly became favored tennis attire. Soon, polo players ditched traditional button-down Oxford-cloth long sleeves for his crocodile-marked shirt. The combination of comfort, breathability, long tuckable tail, and soft collar quickly made the Lacoste popular for golfers. In 1972 Ralph Lauren founded his company on the “Polo” shirt. Today, every major clothing line includes polo shirts, worn by men, women and children for work, play, school and even for tennis. Nothing brings out the style of a polo shirt better than our professional cleaning and pressing. Try it once, we think you’ll like the combination of crisp and casual.

Summer fashion.

According to fashion blog Iridescence,  summer fashionistas will be featuring iridescent holographic skirts, dresses and accessories for a shimmering, metallic look.  See-through mesh will move off the beach and into dressy evening. Tea-length skirts continue popularity with a voluminous ladylike silhouette. Classic white button-downs are reinterpreted with necktie detailing, embellishments and asymmetrical cuts. Sweatshirts get a fresh makeover with brighter colors and splashier patterns. Power suits continue popularity for business wear, now with bolder colors and coordinated color separates. Mint green, lavender and blush pink in daywear will be popular. It’s a sportier summer with athletic inspiration seen in baseball caps, tennis-inspired dresses and varsity jackets. Whatever the style, you always look your best in crisp, clean clothes – that’s where we shine, in every season.