Gentle Care for Sweaters

Sweaters can be demanding. They stretch, they shrink, they produce funny little balls of yarn that won’t brush off. Friction charges them up, then they tire out just when you need them to look their best. These sweater care tips will help you get the most out of your sweater. After all, great looking sweaters are our specialty.
• Store sweaters folded. Sweaters on hangers will tend to stretch.
• In order to allow natural fibers to breathe, if stored in a bag, make sure to only store in breathable bags such as the sweaters come in from Cathy’s Cleaners.
• Have your sweaters professionally cleaned before storing.
• As an extra measure, cedar blocks, not moth balls, are recommended for protection against insect damage.
• Avoid wearing jewelry that can snag and pull threads loose. Remove jewelry before removing your sweater.
• Wearing the same sweater every day will cause it to lose its shape.
Sweater fabrics and cleaning needs differ. Trust us, your Sanitone® Certified Master Drycleaner for the precise care your sweaters need.