Caring for your clothes. Caring for the environment.

As a Sanitone® Certified Master Drycleaner, we utilize the industry’s premier cleaning process to ensure your clothes look their best and are cleaned in an environmentally friendly manner.

Think of our Sanitone cleaning process as a fine salon shampoo for your clothes. We return your garments in “fresh-as-new” condition, cleaned, shaped and pressed, while using environmentally friendly materials, equipment, processes and disposal methods:

• We use detergents and sizing based on natural, renewable raw materials
• We permit independent inspections of our cleaning process and procedures to maintain cleaning quality
• We maintain our equipment to reduce air emissions
• We dispose of process by-products via licensed haulers who purify and recycle the materials
• We recycling hangers and plastic materials
Look your best in freshly cleaned clothes — feel good about the way we’re cleaning them!