Delicate Garment Care

Solid Know-How with a Soft Touch.

One of the reasons we have such loyal customers is the trust we’ve earned cleaning and finishing delicate, valuable, even heirloom garments without harming them. It’s our job to pay attention to the fabric and construction of each garment, to follow care-label instructions and to not take careless risks with your finer, delicate garments.

Intricate construction such as beaded trims, fancy knits and unique buttons can be susceptible to snagging, and we know when to avoid the tumbling cycle that puts such garments at risk. Delicate wools such as angora and cashmere, as well as synthetic blends and microfiber construction require accurate judgment about the best cleaning processes, temperatures and detergents to use for each situation.

Trust us to handle your delicate garments carefully, expertly, every time.