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Summer stains.

When the heat is on, sweat happens. Temperature, humidity, stress or activity can trigger perspiration, it’s natural. But sweat stains aren’t. When moisture combines with deodorant, hard-to-remove yellowing or white residue can occur. Too much product is often the culprit – apply one thin layer and allow it to completely dry. There’s no evidence that more is better at protecting against moisture or odor. A little is enough. Good old-fashioned dress shields do a good job of containing perspiration and protecting your garment. Men should wear cotton undershirts to absorb dampness. When a stain does happen, bring the garment to us.  We use professional stain removal products and techniques, specific for fabric type and finish.

Tips and tricks.

In the cleaning business we hear a lot of ways that people try to take care of things. Here are a few we found at fashion blog StyleCaster. Stinky vintage clothing can be freshened by spritzing with a mixture of one part vodka in two parts water. (Or drink the vodka and bring the garments in for dry cleaning.) Never put a garment on right after ironing – let it hang for five minutes to set the press. (Let us do your pressing and this won’t be a problem.) Use white wine to remove red wine stains. (This sounds like a waste of white wine.)  Whatever the stain, finish or fit, trust the professionals to take best care of your garments. Our success has been built on customer satisfaction. Our cleaning and stain experts can even undo some home remedies. But we do best when you start with us.   

Jeans classics.

We all have a favorite pair that fits like an old friend. When you buy a new pair made of untreated raw denim, the denim aficionados recommend wearing them for six months before washing. Why? It takes wear to break down the super-stiff denim, and durin...

Bridal planning 101.

Book now – caterers, venues, florists and popular bands and DJs are first-come, first-booked. Think seasonal: flowers in season are prettier, fresher (and a lot cheaper) so choose your flowers and let them guide the color scheme for your special day. Visit a spring bridal fair for ideas, connections and free advice from wedding professionals.  Is this a good time to mention we are very, very experienced with wedding gowns, alterations, formal wear and the inevitable last minute emergency.  You can count on us for more than archival gown preservation after the event. Let’s get your date on our calendar so we can be part of your total wedding plan.

Stowing away winter leathers.

Anything made of leather needs maintenance, especially if it’s been exposed to winter weather conditions. Shoes and boots should be wiped with a damp cloth, especially if salt-stained. Inspect jackets and coats for damage, tears or stains before hanging on a well-padded hanger for storage. Use leather conditioner on dry spots like elbows and seams. Frequently worn items should be professionally cleaned every year to maintain the leather, preserve the color and prevent permanent staining.

Yachting season? Time for nautical wear.

The boating life is wonderful. If you’re lucky enough to spend time aboard, there’s a good chance you’ll bring home more than memories, even on the cleanest vessel. Rust stains are common wherever there’s metal and water. We use concentrated professional products but for home use, try Oxyclean or Wink to get rust out of washable clothes. Mold and mildew are always found around water and can stain your sailing whites in a second—diluted laundry bleach removes just as fast. There’s always grease and oil whenever there’s an engine, and when heavy-duty petroleum soaks into fabric, you’re going to need our help.  We take most stains out almost every time.

Chino alert.

Warm weather means chinos for most guys, dressed up with a white cotton shirt, dressed down with t-shirt or polo. Chinos come in colors way beyond khaki; we’re seeing classic blue, green, grey, brown and black. And there are a lot more colors in chinos than ever before (try Dockers).  For a crisp tailored look, let us clean and press all kinds of cotton trousers.  For home care, wash your chinos inside out in warm water, avoid bleach and over drying. If the seams wrinkle, touch up with a steam iron. Then hang on a trouser hanger, ready for wear.

Lasting memories.

Preserving treasured garments is a specialty that allows sharing today’s moment with tomorrow. We carefully remove stains, repair damage, clean and archivally package wedding gowns, veils, even gloves. In an easy-to-store package, your memento is safe for the future. And we go beyond bridal, with christening gowns, special event garb, uniforms and textiles. When you want it to last for generations, start with our preservation service. It’s the best way we know to save the happiness forward.

The pleasures of silk.

Long-treasured for its luxurious feel and brilliant colors, silk is still made from the cocoons of silk worms. Natural animal fibers can be tricky to clean, and silk’s reputation for fussiness is well earned. Bright colors can fade, even a drop of perspiration can stain, and the rigors of washing can cause fabric damage, even disintegration. Make the most of your investment, avoid contact with alcohol, alkali or acid products like deodorant, toothpaste or facial cleanser. Never, ever spray perfume on silk and if there is a spill, blot don’t rub. Of course we clean silk. Our spotters, cleaners and finishers are specially trained to provide the special care that silk demands.

A good night’s rest.

If you’ve been lucky enough to sleep in a luxury hotel, you know how wonderful it feels to slide between crisp, clean sheets, lie your head on a fresh pillow and slumber like royalty. Keeping bed linens clean is easy if you have a large capacity front-loading washer (like ours). And our professional finishing is impossible to create at home, no matter how long you iron. We clean pillows, duvets, afghans, shams, quilts, blankets, dust ruffles and sleeping bags.